Promperu will promote Peru in Vitrina Turistica ANATO 2020, in which Peru is the guest of Honor.

By: Portal de Turismo

Guilds such as CANATUR, APAVIT and APOTUR will be present highlighting national touristic opportunities.

The Peruvian Commission of Promotion, Exportation, and Tourism (Promperu) will be present in the Vitrina Turistica ANATO 2020. This event will take place in Colombia from February 26th to the 28th where Peru will be the guest of honor. Here, our country will show the potential it has to be the host of important international gastronomic and sporting events.

The Peruvian delegation will present before 30 thousand, Colombian and international participants, the next activities that our country will lead this year. Such are the cases of the World Skate Lima Open 2020, the important gastronomic fair Peru Mucho Gusto and the First Worldwide Gastronomic Summit. Also, they will inform the attendees about the travel experiences that our country offers in gastronomic, adventure, nature and cultural tourism.

Peru will also look to highlight activities like trekking to little known destinies such as the archeological complex Waqrapucara, Hichuy Qosqo or the Palccoyo mountain range in Cusco. Likewise, our country will present the culinary and ancestral experiences that our Ciudad Blanca offers and the luxury cruises that sail over the Amazon river in Iquitos.

It is important to mention that in this edition of ANATO 2020, we will be joined by the executive president of Promperu, Luis Torres; the director of Tourism of such, Maria Soledad Acosta; the commercial counselor of Promperu in Colombia, Soledad Campos; and the Peruvian ambassador of this neighboring country, Ignacio Higuera.

Furthermore, businessmen, regional governments and guild members of the private sector such as the president of the Camara Internacional de Turismo (CANATUR), Carlos Canales; the president of the Asociacion Peruana de Operadores Turisticos (APORTUR), Heddy Vilchez; and the president of the Asociacion de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo (PAVIT), Ricardo Acosta will also participate in the event.

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