Orcopampa, the new brand that looks to catapult community tourism in the region of Arequipa

By: Portal de Turismo

More than 15 attractive toruristic sites; textile ceramic and more artisanal products more will be put on the market.

The district of Orcopampa, province of Castilla in the Arequipa region, has created a brand Orcopampa with the purpose of promoting their diverse artisanal products, textile products with alpaca fiber, ceramics on rock, quartz and much more.

Juan Llenera Huamani, mayor of Orcopampa, in dialogue with the newspaper La República, indicated that the district has attractions such as the Panahua viewpoint, colonial waterfalls, thermal baths, a pre-Inca temple, stone forest, among others. In addition, the authority requested support from the Regional government so that this project expects to receive the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists.

The namesake brand will accompany the products of the place, and will be promoted with tourist posters that show the attractions offered by the place. It should be noted that this proposal is presented as an alternative for the community to generate its own income, and that tourism activity is consolidated in the region.

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