The town of Maras, which sits at 3,028 meters above sea level, is located 48 kilometers from the City of Cusco, and 12 kilometers from Urubamba. The temperature here fluctuates between 1 and 21 degrees centigrade.

Maras was an important town during the viceroyalty, as it was the provider of salt for the meridional Andes. Its former status is reflected in the impressive local church and some of the mansions that still have the indigenous nobility shields outside their doors. The picturesque town, with its cobblestone and dirt roads, features streets lined with beautiful adobe houses painted white, with blue shutters and rooftops. In the lintels, there are carves stones marking the date of construction, the family name, or depicting an emblem or decorative design.

Currently, Maras’ economy revolves agriculture. Among the town’s most visited attractions are the salt mines, located 10 kilometers from the town itself.

Salt mines

Maras is famous for its salt mines. These ponds have produced salt since the time of Tahuantinsuyo, when salt was a means of subsistence and commerce. With its over 5,000 white ponds set against a green and red mountain, the salt mines are a sight to be seen. There are only four places in the world where pink salt can be extracted, Maras is one of them.



  • Maras Pink Salt can be purchased in different presentations. Its great for grilling!
  • Take spectacular, panoramic photographs of the salt ponds, and enjoy one of the best views of the Sacred Valley.


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