Kuelap and Colca, tourist destinations that are being consolidated

Tours to Kuelap (Amazonas) and Colca (Arequipa) were consolidated this year. They are destinations with the greatest growth in the country, attracting a substantial flow of local and international tourists.

Kuelap citadel is Cultural Heritage of Peru, you will see preHispanic history in its architecture and extraordinary natural landscapes surrounding it. Whereas, Colca is considered, by many experts, as one of the deepest canyons in the world. Here, you will watch condors flying, and experience adventure sports such as trekking, rafting, cycling, climbing, and sport fishing.

Projects like the cable car and the expansion of the airport runway in Chachapoyas will increase tourism flow. According to Canatur, Kuelap could become the second most visited tourism site in the country, after Machu Picchu.

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