Health tips for better confinement living

During these days of quarantine, most of you are now working from home, and many of you might struggle with what to do in your free time. Some can find refuge in reading, while others may comfort themselves with movies and/or television series. No matter your preference, however, it is important to consider that our bodies are sensitive to sedentary behavior. With this in mind, we share with you some helpful health tips for you to integrate in your new daily routines:

Stretching exercises

Stretching is not something  to only be done before or after training, rather, these exercises are generally good for the body as they increase blood and oxygen supply to the muscles, and improve circulation. They also diminish pain and discomfort caused by poor posture – something which is not uncommon when working from home.

The Kay Pure Gym Instagram account ( ) recommends the following pre-bedtime exercise routine:



Yoga is a popular physical activity recognized for reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, bettering brain function, and improving one’s general sense of wellbeing. The practice originated in India, but has been exported and popularized across the globe in the last decade.

Some recommended yoga accounts to follow on Instagram:

Claudia Casanova

Kino MacGregor

Yoga For the Non Flexible




The idea of sitting up straight and taking some deep breaths might seem like an easy endeavor, but, for many, meditation proves to be a challenging feat. Meditation helps relax the mind, and simultaneously relaxes muscle tension, lowers stress and anxiety levels, and improves sleep quality – among other scientifically proven benefits.

To learn more about meditation and get great tips, you can follow the Meditation & Mindfulness Instagram account:


Eating Healthy

It might seem very logical and simple, but not everyone practices the best eating habits at home. Having to cook for one’s self every day can quickly become a chore, and our health attempts can be easily derailed as the days drag on and we look for ‘easy’ meals and snacks during these long weeks of confinement. Big mistake. Healthy and conscious eating is important – if not key – for good health, because it allows us to keep our minds sharp, control our weight and arterial tension, and improves our immune system response – which is of crucial importance considering what we are currently facing.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and follow the advice shared by:

Germán Roz a Peruvian chef who specializes in healthy and balanced diets.

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