Government authorizes the transfer of S/ 8.5 million for recovery work on Kuelap’s touristic areas

By: Portal de Turismo

The resources were specified in a publication printed by the El Peruano Official Newspaper.

The Peruvian Government has authorized the transfer of S/ 8.5 million soles from the Ministry of Exterior Commerce and Tourism (Mincetur) to the Ministry of Culture, which is to be used on the execution of tourism-based renovation work on the Kuelap Fortress (Amazonas). The transaction was confirmed with the publication of the Decree of Urgency Nº 021-2020, emitted by the El Peruano Official Newspaper.

According to those informed by the Paper, the funds come from Regular Resources, and will be used to finance the implementation of the investment project with Investment Code N° 2151618, which states that funds will be used for: “the creation of public tourism services in the Yalape, Karajiìa, Lagoon of the Condors, Makcro, Tella, Kueìlap, Revash, Olan, and La Congona archeological sites, as well as the Alto Utcubamba Tourism Circuit, located in the Chachapoyas and Luya-Region Amazonas provinces.”

In light of this, Mincetur explained that in order for the transfer of funds to become effective through a Supreme Decree endorsed by the MEF, Mincetur must first sign an agreement with the Ministry of Culture. Mincetur also assured that the funds would be exclusively used for the recovery of Kuelap’s touristic resources, Access 1, and areas adjacent to the fortress.

Edgar Vasquez, Minister of Exterior Commerce and Tourism, made the announcement, stressing the importance of Amazon region in national tourism development. With this in mind, the transfer of funds serves as proof of the joint work that Mincetur and the Ministry of Culture are doing for the recovery and protection of our touristic attractions.

Lastly, it is important to note that the complete sum of S/ 8.5 million is coming from Mincetur’s institutional budget, with no additional resources supplied by the Public Treasury. This agreement cannot be changed and funds cannot be used for things other than those previously authorized.

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