What better way to discover a destination or a culture than through its gastronomy? With Peruvian cuisine and chefs gaining ever-increasing renown around the world, and the food tourism trend showing no signs of slowing down, Exquisito Perú is offering authentic food tours and culinary experiences in Lima, and soon, in the whole country.

The types of food tours and culinary experiences designed are broad and caters to all types of foodies.

One of their best-sellers, called Barranco Ultimate Peruvian Food Tour, is a walking food tour of Barranco neighborhood during which guests can taste up to sixteen different savours (dishes, drinks, fruits, organic coffee and chocolate…) in the course of four hours. Something particularly interesting with this tour is that visitors are able to taste Peru’s most famous dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, causa limeña (and many others) in a short period of time, making it easy for them later on their trip to know exactly what dishes they prefer, or giving them the space and time to explore the tastefulness of lesser-known dishes. A similar route in Barranco is available for vegans!

Another popular walking food tours, in Lima’s historic Center, follows the same dynamics with fourteen savours – all different than the Barranco tour, except chicha morada – and runs late afternoon to early evening to fully experience the street food scenes, old taverns, nightlights, and of course the iconic landmarks.

Apart from that, we offer a market tour and cooking class with a Peruvian chef who worked with Gastón Acurio, a Peruvian wine and artisanal cheese tasting experience with a local expert, and are about to release new experiences that will put Peruvian chocolate, café, Pisco, wine, and of course small entrepreneurs and local producers in the spotlight.

There are two important components of these food tours or culinary experiences. First is to encourage the interaction between tourists and locals so that visitors can truly feel the vibes of the place they visit. For example, participants get to visit the kitchen of a restaurant where the chef prepares the lomo saltado in front of them. And second, to tell the stories hidden behind each savour guests are tasting so they can understand in which historical and cultural context said savour was born and incorporated into the daily life of the Peruvian people.

Other than promoting Peruvian culture, history and gastronomy to international travelers through authentic culinary experiences, they put a strong emphasis in being actors of the change by supporting local small businesses and rural communities. As part of their social impact program, the equivalent of a healthy meal per participant is donated to Action Against Hunger Peru to support a two-year program in Santiago de Lucanamarca (Ayacucho region) that provides food and nutritional education to rural families affected by anemia. And that’s only the beginning as they plan to develop programs themselves with an even bigger impact.

These experiences are ideal to meet the demand of passionate foodies who don’t just want to eat like the locals, but also understand what they are eating and why it looks and taste the way it does. Bon appétit!

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