Eight out of ten foreign tourists arrive to Peru to do nature tourism

By: Portal de Turismo

Ostelea, the school of Management en Turismo, carried a study about ecotourism in Peru in which it highlighted Peru as one of the key destinations since it is considered by the National Geographic as one of the countries with the most biodiversity in the world; being surpassed only by Madagascar. According to a published article by El Comercio, the study found that 8 out of 10 tourists arrive to Peru to participate in nature tourism which means that a total of 0.9 million travelers carried touristic practices linked to this type of tourism in their itineraries during their visit.

“Es interesante ver el perfil del turista que realiza actividades de naturaleza, suele tener un promedio de 37 años, residente de Latinoamérica, es hombre, soltero y con estudios universitarios. Su estancia media suele ser de 13 noches y el gasto total, sin tener en cuenta el rubro de transporte para su traslado al país, es de 1,429 dólares, estas son cifras oficiales de PROMPERÚ”, señaló Pablo Díaz, Docente de Ostelea y realizador del informe.

Similarly, the study determined that 87% of the long-distance travelers (outside of Latin America) carry activities linked to nature while 73% participate in activities related to adventure. The activities most practiced are linked to culture and shopping. Additionally,    the government informed that 60% of the foreign torurist practice activities related to adventure. There were 0,7 million travelers that included activities of this type in their trip; an average cost of $1,748. The data reflect an increment of cost compared to 2017, the period where the average cost was of $1,417.

Among the most popular activities you can find trekking or hiking (39% of tourist carried out these activities), the trips on boat and kayak (35%) and the practice of mountaineering (11%). Likewise, the most solicited activities were the areal visits of natural reserves (68%); sailing around the rivers, lakes and lagoons (49%); and the observation of birds (32%).

It is worth noting that according to the data given by the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Turismo (Mincetur), Peru counts with a total of 158 Natural Protected Spaces. Among these; stood out for being the most visited: The National Park Machu Picchu (welcomed 378,440 tourists). Furthermore, Mincetur indicated that the growing number in tourism is seen in the increment of tourist in respect to the annual comparison. With the exception of the region of Oceania, that has suffered an interannual reduction of – 6% compared to 2017. All of the regions in the world have increased their number of visits in the last year. Finally, it highlighted the growth in Africa, with a growth of 17%. It calls to our attention also South and Central America, both with a growth of 12% compared to 2017 and Asia with a growth of 10%.

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