Visit the renovated archaeological site of Inkilltambo in Cusco

The Decentralized Direction of Culture of Cusco (DCC) finished the restoration works in the archaeological site of Inkilltambo, located within Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park, in the district of San Sebastian, Cusco.

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Inkilltambo is a ceremonial huaca built during Inca Wiracocha’s government. In this site, you can find carved rocks connected to narrow passageways, as well as rectangular enclosures, platforms, fountains, staircases and canals from the pre-Hispanic era.

The restoration works required an investment of S/.4’683,000, informed archaeologist Marisa Quispe, who was the resident officer in charge of the restoration works.

Resultado de imagen para Inkilltambo

“It is a purely religious and ceremonial huaca, where they kept their ancestors; here they worshiped their dead,” said the archaeologist.  She added that the place also served as a resting place for those who traveled between Amaru Marcahuasi and Antisuyo (Peruvian Amazon).

According to the DDC, the site will have the necessary personnel for surveillance and maintenance.

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