Vinicunca is among the nine top destinations in the world to visit for a unique experience

The prestigious travel magazine, Wanderlust, has selected Vinicunca Mountain – also known as Rainbow Mountain – as well as the Kuelap citadel as two of the nine destinations in the world that provide unique touristic experiences, full of adrenaline and unforgettable moments sure to delight all senses.

There are many reasons to visit Peru. Some of the most outstanding, however, are the country’s spectacular geography and fascinating archeological sites, both of which invite different types of adventure tourism activities. In the article “The best trips of 2019 for active adventures,” the British publication assures that both Vinicunca and Kuelap – located in the regions of Cusco and the Amazon, respectively - offer ideal conditions for a unique and memorable adventure; be it in the Andes, thousands of meters above sea level, or in the lush Peruvian cloud forest.


Wanderlust magazine states that the view visitors see upon reaching the Seven Colored, or Rainbow, Mountain – located in the Pitumarca district, within Cusco’s Canchis province, very close to the sacred Ausangate Mountain – is spectacularly incredible. The publication adds that the multicolor surface – which include ochre, emerald green, and scarlet colors, and give the mountain its name – is a true gift provided by nature to the delight of the human race.¡

The magazine warns readers, however, that the hike to the impressive natural site is physically demanding, as visitors must walk a long trail located high in the Andes Mountains and camp along the way. Nonetheless, they assure that effort is worth it, as the reward is arriving at the subjugating beauty of the Seven Colored Mountain, which continues to captivate visitors from all over the world.


When it comes to Kuelap, Wanderlust magazine highlights the impressive architectural beauty of the fortress citadel, which was built entirely with stone by the Chachapoyas civilization. Due to its grand scale, well-preserved state, and strategic location on top on a mountain in the Amazonian cloud forest, Kuelap is often compared with Machu Picchu, and, as a result, has been gaining increased interest from visitors who travel to the site and wander through its stunning grounds.

Surrounding this UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, within the area known as the “Triangle of Northern Peru,” are other marvelous destinations that provide wonderful alternatives to the country’s more established southern destinations, like Machu Picchu and Cusco.

These two touristic destinations are part of the outstanding list of places selected by the Wanderlust publication. Located in countries like Namibia and Ethiopia (Africa), Italy and Switzerland (Europe), Turkey (Asia), Surinam, Guyana, and the French Guyana (South America), these privileged destinations offer ideal conditions for practicing adventure tourism and enjoying unforgettable experiences.


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