Vinicunca: 7- Color Mountain

Vinicunca is one of the most spectacular places in Vilcanota mountain range, Cusco; it still has its natural colors due to the presence of stones and mineral sediments eroded by wind and water. They show a chromatic range of colors: ocher, white, yellow, green and blue, making Vinicunca a unique place in the region and in Peru.




Video by: Julio Valencia

National Geographic listed the 7-Color Mountain, also known as the Rainbow Mountain, as one of the 100 places you must visit before you die, because of its beautiful colors. On cloudy days, its colors are darker; and on sunny days, it will show lighter colors.


Photography: Bycarto

Do not miss the opportunity to live this experience; you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of high mountains. Besides, llama and alpaca breeders will accompany you throughout this exciting journey to the Mountain of 7 colors.


Photography: Bycarto

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