Túcume, Huaca Rajada and Museum of Royal Tombs of Sipan will be part of a Japanese documentary


“Discovering stories: Cultural Coincidences between Peru, Japan and Egypt ” is the title of the documentary that will be broadcast on Japanese television in January 2018. You will see the relationship between these distant civilizations through research, and the similarities in the construction of monuments; in the case of Peru, referring specifically to those located in the Lambayeque region.

A noted researcher, Sakuji Yoshimura, director of Higashi Nippon International University and archaeologist specialized in ancient Egyptian culture, arrived in Lambayeque with a group of explorers.


The researcher interviewed archaeologists Walter Alva Alva, Bernarda Delgado and Luis Chero Zurita, with whom he shared information about the coincidences between Peruvian, Japanese and Egyptian civilization, the main topic of the documentary.

This documentary will show the archaeological exhibitions in Túcume, Huaca Rajada-Sipán and Museum of Royal Tombs of Sipan to reveal the historical records of the region, featuring the interviews with the archaeologists from the Ministry of Culture who were responsible for the research projects.


The documentary was filmed from September 16 -20, by the technical team of RKB-Mai-Nichi Broadcasting Corporation. They were 20 people, including Japanese, Brazilians and Peruvians, under the direction of Katsuaki Takayasu.

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