The San Martin department is one of the 24 departments that make up Peru. Located in the north east zone, most of the department spans across the high jungle, with the eastern zone incorporating part of the Blue Mountain range. Its main rivers are the Huallaga, the Mayo, and the Paranapura – the latter two of which are both effluents of the former. The Huallaga River provides a huge volume of water, and traverses 1,138 kilometers until reaching the Marañón, accounting for a large part of the Amazon River’s superior basin.

One of two routes can be taken from Lima to San Martin. By plane, the trip takes about one hour from Lima to the city of Tarapoto. By vehicle, on the other hand, the trip is of approximately 20 hours across paved roads from Lima to Tarapoto.

The destination boasts an array of lodgings – from basic options to top tier hotels. Lodges tend to be the best options, however, because of their privileged locations, panoramic views, and close approximation to nature. Enjoy an itinerary packed with activities that combine nature, gastronomy, culture, and adventure. But above all, enjoy. Enjoy the trip, the weather, the gastronomy, and the people.

The experience is exquisite and varied, offering something for everyone. To give you an idea: you will have the chance to learn about the cigar making process of some of the best quality, cigars that are being produced in San Martin for international export. Then, take some time to appreciate the industrial and artisanal processes behind chocolate production, as well as the organic cacao growing process in a permaculture framework. Follow chocolate with another beloved local crop, coffee, and enjoy an organic coffee tasting. All of these wonderful experiences surrounded by natural and cultural jungle attractions. As if that weren’t enough, you can combine these experiences with adventure, nature, or relaxing activities that require no previous knowledge or skills; take a hike across a beautiful gorge that leads to a small, crystalline waterfall and natural pool; get your adrenaline pumping with a ride on a Canopy Zipline that takes you across the Mayo River; or rappel down a gorgeous waterfall, stopping to rest and revel in the surrounding views as you make your way down. In the evening, you will have the chance to go out in search of local night creatures in the surrounding forest, and take boat rides across the rivers and lagoons. Lastly, take some time to relax and indulge in some natural pampering as you dip into the thermal mud baths. All of this and more, enhanced by exquisite regional cuisine that is sure to conquer any palate.


  • A day in nature at the Dos Rios Agrotourism Farm.
  • A visit to the Blue Lagoon in the Sauce District
  • Trekking to and Rappelling from the Pucayaquillo Waterfall, or the Canopy Zip Line across the Mayo River.

We invite you to learn more about this beautiful part of Peru; to live, taste, venture through, and appreciate the surrounding nature, without forgetting to relax in this wonderful place, that has so much to offer. Read more about it in the attached program propositions, which offer two programs that combine these various options in the best ways. Contact an executive for information, reservations, or other services.

Tobacco, Cacao, and Coffee Adventure, and relaxation in the San Martin Jungle
4D/3N: San Martin high jungle

Tobacco, Cacao, and Coffee: Adventure and Nature in the San Martin Jungle
4D/3N: San Martin high jungle

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