The Peruvian gastronomy boom in Germany

Cebiche, lomo saltado, causa limeña and the large variety of Peruvian dishes will be the star in the menus of the best German restaurants, this is due to a successful cooking workshop organized by the Commercial Office of Peru in Hamburg (OCEX Hamburg ) in that city; it was carried out to promote Peruvian cuisine and Peruvian export products.


The owner of Frühsammers Berlin restaurant said: “I can imagine offering cebiche and pisco sour as an amuse gueule.” Salesmen, Marcus Benecke, from Hamberger Berlin GmbH also mentioned: “It was very interesting to learn more about Peruvian cuisine. Besides cebiche, there are many more interesting products.”


In that workshop, Peruvian chef, Enrique Serván, presented products and traditional dishes of our cuisine before a select audience of chefs of exclusive German restaurants, importers and journalists. Servan prepared a nine-course tasting menu “Costa, Sierra, Selva” in the kitchen of the well-known restaurant Schmidt Z & Ko in Berlin.


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