The CASA ANDINA Hotel chain will continue to grow in Miraflores this year

The Casa Andina Hotel chain is looking to expand its business in Miraflores and San Isidro within three formats: Premium, Select, and Standard. Juan Stoessel, CEO of the chain, stated in Gestion that this year work will begin on three new hotels in the Miraflores neighborhood. The Select and Premium format hotels will be opening within two years, while the Standard format hotel is scheduled to open mid 2020. The Premium hotel will be located between the Larco and 28 de Julio avenues, and will feature 132 rooms, while the Select hotel will feature 212 rooms and will be located between Cantuarias and La Paz. The Standard format hotel will be located on the 2nd block of Benavides Avenue, and will have 90 rooms. “We will be adding about 500 rooms to Lima in the next two years,” stated the director. The chain already boasts 4 hotels within Miraflores. Meanwhile, Casa Andina is set to open their Casa Andina Select Hotel in San Isidro this year, which is located in front of the Abtao Park, and features 160 rooms.

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