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On May 10, the Regional Governor of Amazonas, Gilmer Horna Corrales, conducted the commencement ceremony of the 22nd edition of Chachapoyas Tourism Week, Raymi Llaqta 2017 at Lima Chamber of Commerce. Important authorities participated of this event: the president of the National Chamber of Tourism, Fredy Gamarra; the Director of Promotion of Tourism in Promperu, Marisol Acosta; as well as travel agents, tourism agencies and business owners in the tourism and gastronomy industry.


Source: Facebook Gobierno Regional Amazonas


Source: Facebook Gobierno Regional Amazonas

The 22nd edition of Chachapoyas Tourism Week, Raymi Llaqta 2017 is the biggest folk event in the northeast of Peru, and it is part of the national tourism calendarThis festival  will take place on June 4-11 of this year. One of the popular activities is the main “pasacalle”, where people from different indigenous communities parade dancing, singing and showing their traditional rituals.


Source: Agro Noticias Ucayali

There will offer typical dishes like shipasmute, putumute, cecina, Chachapoyas traditional bread and more. During these holidays, they will also celebrate the Fire Festival or Nina Raymi, where everyone enjoys happy dances around the fire made in the four corners of the main square.

The objective is to promote this festival among domestic and foreign tourists, so that they enjoy the festival, cuisine and exhibitions. This way, they will live a true Amazon experience.
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