The 82% of tourists considers Peru as culinary destination


According to PromPeru, in its “Analysis on culinary tourism in Peru”, 82% of foreign tourist thinks of Peru as a culinary destination and thinks our traditional food has a lot of value.

The objective of this study was to identify how foreign tourists react to our cuisine. The markets evaluated were: the U.S., Colombia, Brazil, France, Argentina and Spain. According to this research, tourists spend, approximately, 25% of their total budget in food during their trip to Peru; especially Spanish tourists, who spend 530 dollars, followed by Argentinians and Colombians, who spend 381 and 348 respectively.


This research said that tourists try between 5 and 8 different dishes during their visit to Peru. The most popular dish is “lomo saltado”, followed by “ceviche” and “causa”. Likewise, there are popular beverages like pisco sour, which has 79% of approval rate among all survey respondents.

On the other hand; fish, sea food, potatoes and lemon are part of the top tasted ingredients by tourists; shellfish being the favorite one.


This means our cuisine is high value and it gains presence among tourists visiting Peru. Our gastronomy stands out due to the mixture of cultures, unique flavors and our acknowledged chefs, who support the international image of our traditional dishes.

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