You have a day in Lima and you want adventure and adrenaline, this is the best way to start or end your visit to Peru or why not, in the middle of your visit.

Sandboarding is a sport full of adrenaline that leads you to feel free in nature. Only a few minutes south of Lima, the Chilca desert is located, where through several explorations we have found one of the best places to practice this exciting sport.

In Peru, and basically in the desert of Ica, sandboarding is practiced since the 70s, where bathers who went to the Oasis of Huacachina in Ica used to slide themselves with cardboard and wood to surf the exciting dunes and, nowadays, thanks to a group of off-road enthusiasts have been able to find this unimaginable spot in the middle of the desert just 50 minutes from the main city of Peru and thus, be able to expand this sport to Lima.

When we arrive at the entrance of the Chilca desert, the first thing we will do is prepare the vehicles for the correct driving on the dunes, where experienced pilots will show their skills crossing dunes and large areas of pure sand, maximum adrenaline discharges.

Upon reaching the starting point, our sandboard instructors will take over. No previous experience is necessary, only the desire to have a good time. During the classes, they will discover their skills in the sandboard and if you do not have them, there is no problem, they will teach you all the techniques, secrets and tricks necessary to enjoy it to the fullest.

We will start first in the "Baby Dune" where we can measure the levels of each of you and decide what style and layout will be appropriate for each participant.

Some will want to fly, others will want to go slowly so do not worry there are levels for everyone!!!!!

We have 4 levels of descents, going through the less than beginner, the ‘Yes I’ll go’, for which this is very fun and even the ‘World Champion’. So the fun is assured!


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