Sailing Lima


The best view of lima is from the sea

The city of Lima is located on the scenic Pacific coast. Until recently, however, this characteristic was not taken advantage of by many of its inhabitants – save those warm, summer months – and much less, by visiting tourists. In the last few years, we have witnessed how Lima’s coast, known as the Costa Verde (green coast), has become subject to many new and interesting activity alternatives. Offering something for everyone, activities include: exploring the wonderfully located Larcomar shopping mall, bicycling, jogging, or walking along the extensive esplanade and its parks that look over the ocean, paragliding over the city and ocean, surf lessons in the waters of the Miraflores and Barranco beaches, and rides on the artisanal fishing boats off the shores of the Chorrillos district. In addition, visitors and locals alike now have the chance to enjoy Sailing Lima, an experience that takes passengers on a comfortable and scenic journey across Lima’s coastline on a modern and safe sailboat.

After booking a reservation at one of the many available departure timeslots that Sailing Lima offers, passengers can make their way to the modern marina located on the coast of the Barranco district, from where they will embark on the nautical voyage. The marina is a convenient and easy 5-minute drive from Miraflores, and only 15 minutes from San Isidro.

Once at the marina, passengers will be received by members of the Sailing Lima personnel, who will accompany and assist them with the confortable boarding process onto a 44-foot sailboat. Then, the experienced captain and first mate will lead a thorough safety instruction presentation before the vessel sets sail through the Miraflores bay.

As the boat makes its way around the bay, passengers will have the chance to revel in the wonderful views of Lima, while learning about what they are seeing as explained and described by the ship’s knowledgeable first mate, who doubles as a guide: impressive cliff sides that span the coast – many of which are covered in green vines, buildings of all shapes, sizes, and styles perched above the sea, the stunning, sandy hills that serve as a backdrop to the city and give way to the Andes Mountain Range, a cliff from which a monk leapt to his death during Colonial times as he watched his beloved depart on a boat, the Herradura – a beach with a rich local history named after its horseshoe shape, a huge hill on which battles were fought over 120 years ago, one of the biggest private beach clubs in the world, and a small, charming fishing cove. All of this and more, accompanied by the abundant local marine life and enriched by the deep relaxation that comes with being out at sea. The excursion lasts 1 ½ hours, giving passengers plenty of time to not only enjoy this one of a kind perspective of the city, but also, to spend the rest of the day exploring Lima’s sites and indulging in other activities.

After a punctual return to the marina, passengers can easily access their respective transportation and make their way to their next city-bound activity.

We at VIPAC are constantly searching for new and exciting alternatives for our travellers, and we believe that this activity is definitely worth including in your visit. Enjoy a different perspective of Lima, leave behind the chaos of the city for a couple of hours, and take advantage of the peace the ocean provides as you get to know the city from afar. Explore the lesser-traveled settings and make unforgettable memories without giving up too much of your precious travel time.

Behold Lima’s beauty as seen from the sea with this new VIPAC experience!

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