Route that unites Arequipa’s Valley of Volcanoes and Colca Canyon is inaugurated

On the 12th of August, Arequipa’s regional government inaugurated the Ayo-Huambo highway, uniting the Caylloma and Castilla provinces. The ceremony took place on the Tingo Bridge – one of the three bridges that was built across the two sections.

The inauguration of this important highway marked the opening of the touristic corridor that unites the Valley of Volcanoes and the Colca Canyon Valley. With this, it is expected that the transit of tourism vehicles increases, and more people can visit both of the region’s attractions.

Over S/.26 million were invested in the project for the development of both sections. It is estimated that the highway will benefit 16,700 inhabitants that live across the Ayo, Andagua, Chachas, Chilcaymarca, and Orcopampa districts, as well as those who inhabit the Castilla province, and the Huambo district and Caylloma province.

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