Peruvian restaurant is among the top ten restaurants in New York

The Peruvian restaurant, Llama Inn, is in the list of top ten restaurants in New York; it was selected by the renowned newspaper, The New York Times.


Llama Inn, Peruvian restaurant by Juan Correa, offers a fusion of Peruvian cuisine and New York’s food in a place where you can find restaurants from all around the world.


Peter Wells, restaurant critic of this New York paper, selected Llama Inn after visiting the place and trying its dishes. In the article, the journalist says that the most appetizing dishes in the restaurant are the ceviche with tiradito, the quinoa salad and the roasted chicken. With this, Peruvian cuisine takes one more step in its already advanced internationalization process; it is a door opened by millions of Peruvian entrepreneurs in the culinary art, who continue to delight palates around the world .


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