Peru on wheels: Intorno Experiences

There are just a handful of places on Earth that possess incredible geography and 10,000 years of history within arm’s reach. Now mix with an exquisite cuisine that is one of the hottest items in the world and the proverbial hospitality of a joyful people, quick to flash a friendly smile, and you will discover Peru!

As if that weren’t enough, Peru is the one of the most diverse country on the planet. You can find almost every type of weather here as well as world records for the number of birds, butterflies, fresh and salt water fish, orchids, and more. Deserts, unending beaches, snow-capped mountains, enchanted lakes, inter-Andean Condor valleys, cloud forests, and rain forests that stretch to the horizon and divided by the longest, mightiest river basin in the world, the Amazon.

To reach all of these, Peru has amazing roads and hidden trails that cross and draw the magnificent Andes mountain range to connect with remote native towns from the ocean in the west up to more than 5,000 mosl and down to the Amazon Rainforests in the east. Landscapes and views provided by the different ecological steps travelled through the Andes sinuous roads; are just breathtaking. It is a very effective way to discover Peru’s megadiversity and be amazed with the scenery, the dramatic changes, the nature and different cultures that can be found in your expedition. Nevertheless, it is always wise to hear some tips from the locals and follow a safe path.

Intorno seeks to open the connection between the environment and the interior of voyagers through traveling in rented RV's and guided Overlanding expeditions. This new product contributes to independence of travellers by providing the means for them to live experiences at their own pace and safely of self-driving, with a driver or in a guided overlanding expedition to know Peru by road with authenticity.

In order to provide a complete experience considering some limitations of the destination itself that mainly points to infrastructure for camping, Intorno has designed recommended routes, identified safe camping spots and made the connections on the routes. Moreover, tours and activities can be added to the road and even some frozen meals can be added to keep in the RV’s freezer to avoid the hassle to search for food when the location is remote.

Peru is a magnificent destination for overlanding, we are convinced that its potential to be travelled by road is immense, especially for its geographical and cultural diversity, always choosing safety and the right paths, these road-trips can turn into a milestone of travellers, an unforgettable experience that positively marks their life. Enjoy the road!



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