Peru is considered the best cultural destination in Hong Kong

The last weekend of June, Peru received an acknowledgment by winning the title of  “2017 Best Cultural Destination” at the International Travel Exhibition (ITE) held in Hong Kong.

Peru was the only South American country to participate in this election; this was thanks to the Foreign Trade Office of Peru in Shanghai. During the four days of the exhibition, tour operators provided details about packages and logistic data to enter Peru, especially since the citizens of this Asian nation have more facilities to visit our country; they do not need a Peruvian visa if they have a visa from the United States, Australia or the European Union.

Taking into account that 120 million Chinese people travel abroad every year, this award is an incentive for Asian citizens to not only go to Machu Picchu, but to also visit other cultural destinations such as Chavín de Huántar, the desert of Ica, Chachapoyas, or the Nasca Lines.

This is the second time that Peruvian tourism has received such recognition from China. In February of this year, Peru received an award at a fair held in Hangzhou, and one more in April during a tour-operators meeting held in Shanghai.

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