Pasco wants to launch a geological tour in Huayllay National Sanctuary by 2018

There is no doubt that tourism in natural areas has evolved in recent years and; due to its potential, the National Sanctuary of Huayllay (Pasco), and the National Service of Protected Natural Areas (Sernanp) announced their interest to increase tourism flow in 15%.

In August, during the ceremony marking the 43rd anniversary of the protected natural area, the head of the National Sanctuary of Huayllay, Maykol Rodríguez, said that they are working on the first geological route in the country, which will allow visitors to learn about the formation of the forest of stones, which have volcanic origin.

In addition, it will be possible to appreciate the evidence of marine fossils, rock paintings of the first human beings, and glacial erosion.

“I’m very proud that the Sanctuary will soon have a one-day tour. People learn  about the different geological formations in Peru. But doing this involves several challenges. This new alternative is an additional option to the other 3 trekking routes that already exist in the protected natural area, where the main attraction is the impressive and giant rock formations shaped like a bear, a cobra, an alpaca, a turtle and an elephant” said Rodríguez.

It is worth mentioning that Huayllay National Sanctuary is considered one of the best geological museums in the world, just as important as Shilin Stone Forest in China, or the Garden of the Gods, in U.S.

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