Paracas between sea and sand

Paracas is a beautiful beach town located in the south of Lima; it is one of the most popular towns because of its nice weather, almost all year round sunshine attracts tourists and visitors. It has an extension of 335,000 hectares, from Paracas peninsula to Morro Quemado; this is, 117,406 hectares of mainland and 217,594 hectares of sea waters. There is a large and varied flora and fauna; you will see dolphins, guano birds, Humboldt penguins and sea lions.



Paracas National Reserve is a land of stunning landscapes and peaceful beaches caressed by the eternal southern wind, colossal flocks of birds, large sea lions colonies and abundant sea resources unlike others on earth. It is the ideal place to forget about the world and get inside the winding ocean drive.


Paracas offers all fans of nature and relaxation an endless variety of options, from the magical coastal desert to the cold and rich Peruvian sea. Here one of them:

Ballestas Island


Adventure Sports





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