Mistura will start at the end of October

Date: October 26 to November 5
Club Revólver – Rimac (Jr. Patrocinio #202)

The most important food fair in Latin America, Mistura, will celebrate its 10 year anniversary from October 26 to November 5, in the historic district of Rimac. This district is known as the home of creole music, creole cuisine and millenary traditions.

The fair will take place at Revolver Club. Mistura seeks to promote Peruvian creativity and biodiversity, and it helps to develop our cultural identity by showing visitors the flavors of each region.

This time, new restaurants will participate and show new contemporary trends like: market kitchens, ceviche bars, healthy food restaurants and innovative bars.

Besides, the food party will be excellent because they will have dishes such as: sancochado, shrimp soup, broths, lawas and Inchicapi, and let’s not forget about lomo saltado, ceviche and causa. On the other hand, coffee, cacao and chocolate will have their own special hall. Pisco will also have a special room where people can taste top distillates from different Pisco producers in the country.

“Lima’s cuisine was originated in Rimac. Big meals were prepared in this part of the city. Rich people would cross the bridge towards Amancaes, and that is when fusion cuisine started. We hope that by that time, the sun will shine bright during October celebrations; we need to remember it is “the purple month”, said Bernardo Roca Rey, president of Apega.

This year it will have the participation of Picanterias de Catacaos, a group of strong women from a solidarity organization that are dealing with the tragedies caused by El Niño; they created businesses to reactivate the economy after these difficult circumstances in the past summer. And, being part of Mistura is a good way to put some flavor back in their lives, continue their traditions and move forward.

Furthermore, this time there will be international halls with food from Indonesia and Argentina.

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