Maido was chosen “Best Restaurant” by the SUMMUM awards


In the last week of August, the 8th edition of the 2017 SUMMUM Awards was held at Gran Teatro Nacional, and during the award ceremony they acknowledged gastronomic excellence, outstanding chefs and service quality in restaurants.

During the ceremony, the most expected moment of the evening was the list of the TOP 20 restaurants in the country.
This award was given to Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura for Maido.

“We are very proud that another edition of the most important gastronomy ceremony ha taken place. This year was very special because the award ceremony celebrated a 10 year anniversary. They included 4 new categories: the awards for emblematic products and four special awards. In short, we celebrated Peruvian cuisine in a big way” said Cecilia Valenzuela, director of the 2017 SUMMUM Awards.

Among the winners we have: Marilú Madueño, as Best Female Chef, Benito Saco, Best Maitre in 2017; Gregory Smith, Best Sommelier; César Cruz, Best Bartender; and Huaringas, as Best Pisco Cocktail Bar.

Among the special awards we have: Valentino, Best Classic Restaurant; Huerta Chinén, Best Huarique; and Osaka, Best Environment and Best Service.

In addition, the SUMMUM Award was given to Bernardo Roca Rey for its professional trajectory and they paid posthumous tribute to Toshiro Konishi.


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