Machu Picchu will host the beginning of Cusco’s Festivities


For the first time, the archaeological site of Machu Picchu will host the inauguration of Cusco’s Festivities, as it was announced by the Municipal Company of Cusco’s Festivities (Emufec).
This celebration might take place between April 24th and 27th, along with the president’s arrival to the area, who has already confirmed his presence on radio:

“The beginning of the festivities is no longer going to take place in Lima, nor anywhere in the capital, it used to be at the Government Palace, then at Qoricancha […] now, we are making it more spectacular.”

These celebrations will be held together with other festivities, such as the Sun Festival, or Inti Raymi; and since it is the first time both will take place in Cusco, it is an amazing opportunity to enjoy Cusco to the fullest.

Do not wait any longer and start living the best Cusco experience with us.

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