Live an Inca experience in Sacred Valley with Yucay Museum of Live Culture

The Sacred Valley is a place that has a lot to offer when it comes to nature, diversity and gastronomy, and Yucay live museum is an innovative alternative that wants to show all of this. Yucay Live Museum is located in the highway, between Yucay and Urubamba; it has an area of 300m2, and in every room you will be guided by qualified and committed personnel.
The goal of Yucay museum is to become the best choice at Sacred Valley, that is why it offers the following:

  • Interpretation Center
  • Spa and salt store
  • Chicha store
  • Traditional oven – Pizzeria
  • Artisan gelato
  • Theme Bar
  • Specialty Restaurant
  • Shopping area
  • Smoking area
  • Gift Shop

In these spaces, visitors can also enjoy other activities related to Inca customs, like coca leaf reading, offerings to the earth; even pachamanca, which is an ancestral type of cooking legumes and meat under earth.

Without a doubt, Yucay Live Museum has the clear objective to make every visit a unique experience, so that visitors know everything the Sacred Valley can offer.

Finally, we want to remind you that visiting Yucay live museum will have no cost during May, for domestic and foreign tourist; and residents of Yucay region have unlimited free entrance.



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