LC Peru will increase flights to Ayacucho, Chiclayo and Pucallpa


LC Peru reported that as of Monday, October 23rd they will offer more flights to Ayacucho, Chiclayo and Pucallpa. In the case of flights to Pucallpa, which depart daily in the morning, they will offer an additional flight at night time (flight 2183) departing from Lima at 18:49 hours and departing back from Pucallpa (flight 2184) at 20:44 hours. The airline will also provide a second flight to Ayacucho in the afternoon, departing from Lima (flight 1323) at 15:30 hours and returning at 17:00 hours (flight 1324).


Furthermore, the airline already operates one flight to Chiclayo in the morning and another at night, and it will offer a third flight in the afternoon, flight 2127, which will depart from Lima at 15:00 hours, and flight 2128 will return from Chiclayo at 17:10 hours. Flights to Chiclayo and Pucallpa use a Boeing 735 aircraft, with 127-passenger , while the flight to Ayacucho uses a Dash Q400 aircraft, with up to 76 passengers. This way, LC Peru is ahead of Viva Air, which plans to have more flights to Chiclayo.

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