Lambayaque: More than 7 000 tourists were able to see the restored face of Lord of Sipan


In the city of Lambayeque, during the National Holidays (July 27 -30), more than 7,000 tourists had the chance to see the bust of the reconstructed face of Lord of Sipan.

The director of the museum, Walter Alva, said that this is evidence that domestic and foreign tourists have great interest in discovering our culture and, especially, in seeing the reconstruction of the face of Lord of Sipan, which was recently unveiled by the Ministry of Culture during the thirtieth anniversary of its discovery.


Tourists came from different regions of Peru: Cajamarca, Cuzco, Lima, Puno, Ica, Arequipa, Loreto, Ucayali, Áncash, San Martín, Amazonas, La Libertad, Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque.

On the other hand, foreign tourists came from Colombia, Spain, the US, Venezuela, Holland, Switzerland, Argentina and others.

Tourists admired the richness of the headpieces, emblems, jewels, and ornaments made of gold, silver and copper of the Lord of Sipan, the Mochica monarch who lived 1,700 years ago.


As it is known, the Lord of Sipan reigned during Mochica civilization, around the year 200 AD. In this museum, you can see the greatness of Mochica culture, their customs, its main activity shown in its rich gold, silver and gold copper jewelry, its ceramics and costumes. All of this is exhibited in this place, which is among the top 10 modern museums of the world.

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