Kuelap: Legendary city of Chachapoyas amazes travelers

The magnificent Kuélap Fortress is located at the top of the Amazonian Andes of Peru; it is the main icon of Chachapoyas Culture (800 – 1470 A.D) The building structure and location was designed to defend itself against other ethnic groups, but they were still conquered by the Incas.

Between green mountains, and from a long distance, you can see this great stone wall of 20 meters high that protects the city and that only has three entrances, which are narrow stone-walled alleys. Inside Kuelap, you can admire up to 420 circular houses made of stone with rhomboidal and zigzag friezes.


From the top, the green landscape proves us that nature favored this place. The trip to this archaeological complex is a worthwhile adventure. It is recommended not to carry heavy suitcases, and to bring abundant water and sunscreen.


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