High-quality wool from the Andes in luxury stores around the world

Almost four million alpacas live in Peru, and most of them are raised in the most remote places of the southeastern Andes; they produce more than 24 tons of natural wool, which is sought-after by many countries.


In the recent edition of the CLAP awards, the brand “Alpaca del Peru” won the international award in the Branding category for Best Corporate Identity or Branding, this was announced by the Peruvian Commission for Promotion of Export and Tourism (Promperú). It competed with more than 100 works from various firms and agencies. Furthermore, leaders of the world’s most powerful economies: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping wore vicuna garments at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum – APEC 2016 held in Peru. Presidents of the United States, Russia and China comfortably wore a blanket made of this fiber for the official photograph of Asia Pacific leaders, meeting led by Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.


Vicuna wool was chosen this time for having the best quality and being the emblematic fabric of Peru. “We are very careful when shearing for wool, we protect endangered species”, said  Mercedes Aráoz, second vice president of Peru. Peru is the main alpaca and vicuña producer in the world. Every year, it exports 7.000 tons to Asia, USA and Europe. Nowadays, Peru accounts for 80% of alpaca production, which is an advantage compared to other countries that produce textile. More than 120.000 families are involved in this productive chain.


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