Dream beaches only on Peru’s north coast

The most beautiful beaches in Peru are in the northern region: Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and La libertad.  The northern beaches stand out for having a warm sea and high quality tourist attractions.  Among the most popular northern beaches, we have “Máncora”, located in Piura, chosen as “2016 South America’s Leading Beach Destination” by the World Travel Awards (WTA).
There is also “Punta Sal”, a small beach town located one hour and a half from Tumbes, and “Vichayito” that has a warm weather and clear waters. Here is a list of the most popular beach towns by region:

1. Tumbes

• Zorritos

This beach is located 28 km. south of Tumbes. It’s known for being warm and calm. It has a long boardwalk with a spectacular view, several hotels and restaurants very close to the beach. Plus, Zorritos is a good choice for those looking to be near the city of Tumbes.

• Punta Sal

It’s located at kilometer 1187 km of the Panamericana Norte highway. Punta Sal is approximately 6.5 km. long and it is divided in two beaches: Punta Sal Grande, at the south and Punta Sal Chica, at the north. It is known for its white sand and calm waters. It is considered one of the most beautiful and largest beaches in the north coast of Peru.


2. Piura

• Máncora

It was chosen “2016 South America’s Leading Beach Destination” by the World Travel Awards (WTA). Máncora is one of the most famous and popular beaches in northern Peru.
It is located at kilometer 1165 of Panamericana Norte highway, at the northern border of the department of Piura. Its waves captivate the most demanding surfers, and the party is guaranteed at night in its boulevard.

In the beach town, visitors can have access to different services such as banks, ATMs, mini supermarkets, etc.

• Vichayito

It is less than 10 km. from the popular beach town of Máncora, at the north of Piura. Vichayito has deep waters, perfect for water sports like kite surfing (gliding over water with a kite) and diving. In recent years, this beach has become a popular destination for tourists due to its varied offer of tourist services.

• Los Órganos

It is located only 13 kilometers south of Mancora, kilometer 1153 of Panamericana Norte highway. “Los Organos” is an attractive option for those who seek peace and less noise. Los Órganos is already an emerging destination in Piura’s coast region.

It has the main services: ATMs, buses, accommodations in the town and by the sea.


• Ñuro

It is located 23 km south of Mancora and it is the beach next to Los Órganos. It is also known as “caleta El Ñuro” (The Ñuro creek). The Ñuro is popular for its sea turtles; visitors can snorkel with turtles or see this impressive attraction from a boat.


3. Lambayeque

•  Pimentel:

It is the main beach town of Lambayeque where you can see “caballitos de totora”, reed watercraft used by pre-Hispanic Peruvians to fish. It has a long wooden dock to for walks. This beach is most- visited by vacationers and surfers.


4. La Libertad

•  Huanchaco
It is the most important beach town in Trujillo, where tourists can live the incredible experience of sailing the famous “caballitos de Totora”. It is located 14 km northwest of the city of Trujillo.


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