CUSCO – AYASQA RESTAURANT: A gastronomy experience for tourists

Cusco is offering tourists more alternatives for dinning. This restaurant offers fusion cuisine, combining local food with international ingredients; it is inspired in authentic recipes that put flavor in your experiences at Cusco. It offers traditional dishes from an avant-garde perspective, in which research is part of the process and the result is an innovative dish that stays true to its region and Cusco.

Ayasqa is located in Cusco’s main square. It has been created with wisdom, it aims to respect its origins and authenticity; this is showed in the cooking time and in the pairing of each dish with a regional chicha drink.


Chef Jose Lujan was in charge of opening this restaurant. He promotes many social ventures and he is an active member of an organization called “Generación con Causa” (Generation with a cause), which is a group of cooks sponsored by Gaston Acurio, and the aim is to promote the values present in Peruvian cooking.

Ayesha’s success has outlined the next step, another restaurant but in Sacred Valley.

After all this, Ayasqa has become a must-go place in Cusco. Our palate will be delighted with dishes true to its Cusco roots.

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