Cusco authorities implement a viewpoint from which tourists visiting Maras can appreciate the salt flats

This new feature has been operative as of the 15th of June.

Hundreds of tourists flock to Maras, located in Urubamba, Cusco, each year because of the sites unique colors and particular beauty. However, subsequent to the implementation of new regulations that limit the routes tourists are able to make across the site, Cusco authorities have decided to install a new lookout point that can fit up to 500 people at a time, from which visitors can overlook and appreciate the salt pools without compromising the attraction and causing it further deterioration.

This new infrastructure, which has been functioning since the 15th of June, is both functional and safe. These changes have been made in order to ensure that the salt production and harvesting is not affected by visitors, and thus, the income of the approximately 600 families who run and profit from the salt flats is not compromised. Maras’ mayor, Miguel Abal Anchari, assures that despite the changes, tourists will still be able to enjoy a complete touristic experience at the site.

The mayor added that the lookout point will allow visitors to get very close to the irrigation canal that carries the mineral-rich water into the pools, and that there will be at least four permanent guides available to explain the natural phenomenon, its history, and how the salt is processed before being subsequently exported to diverse countries. “There will not be changes, everything will stay the same: I invite all to come and visit us,” he stated.

Likewise, Edgar Morales Tupayachi – president of the Marasal Association – specified that during off-seasons, when salt production halts, tourists will have full access to the site. He then added that authorities will evaluate alternate touristic routes from which to appreciate the site without affecting the salt pools.

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