Cruises in the Peruvian Amazon

Travelling along the Amazon River and its tributaries is something few travelers have experienced. The reasons are varied: time restrictions, preference, knowledge, the jungle climate, concern about the safety of Amazon travel, economics, and/or concern about the lack of available tourism services. That said, people have been moving along the river since the first Amazon boats began making trips between isolated communities and using the Amazon River as their main “road” for transportation. As early indigenous peoples learned to use the river as a means to connect to other settlements, develop economically and trade with neighboring communities along the river, a platform was created to make visiting the Amazon accessible to the first adventurers. These adventurers, in turn, were moved to enter the seemingly infinite green of Amazon, and investigate the fascinating world of the jungle for the sake of travel and a love of the unknown.

Thus, the Amazon became destination for the brave and the bold, and its roots quietly grew into the hearts of visitors, while its abundant water lilies wove a blanket of wonder and mystery in their souls. Slowly but surely, more and more people followed the call of the wild to this magical place, and to travel the Amazon became a thing of legends. While many are drawn to such an adventure – the biodiversity alone being a dream for all nature lovers - some still consider it an aspirational trip – perhaps even unobtainable. Nonetheless, with a little effort and creativity, it is not too far out of reach.

At VIPAC, our programs are developed to promote the encounter with, and immersion in, the surrounding nature and local Amazonian lifestyle in a variety of ways. Indulge in the incredible, one of a kind views from the comfort of the ship, take jungle walks that explore specific themes, navigate on small speedboats through narrow estuaries that lead you to impressive hidden lakes, go on bird watching excursions, fish for the infamous and feared local piranha, marvel at amazing hanging bridges and exclusive floating platforms in gorgeous lakes, and visit communities along the river banks, where you will have the opportunity to connect with locals, learn about their culture, and experience how they live day to day as they build their lives in the Amazon world. Passengers can revel in the warm, humid climate, or beat the heat by enjoying the breeze as they relax on any of the ship’s outdoor areas. The more adventurous can take a dip in the river and hope for a chance to commune with the elusive, and mythical, pink Amazon dolphins. There is no better way to experience and connect with the world’s most voluminous river and the lush jungle that it feeds – home of the most infinitely bio diverse ecosystem on the planet.

These exclusive and complete experiences are now available in a variety of attractive formats, all of which prioritize the passenger’s comfort and needs; offering unique and innovative ways to immerse guests in the surrounding jungle and all the magic it has to offer. The different cruise ships and the experiences they offer might seem similar to the untrained eye, however, each service has qualities that differentiate it from the others – whether they have to do with amenities and ship luxuries or the tours they offer. The experience is in the details, routes, and itineraries each particular service provides. While some feel like these kinds of trips are too expensive and out of reach, we urge you to research and consider all the options. New alternatives are constantly being developed, many of which are much more accessible, and we at VIPAC have a varied portfolio with an array of options at multiple price points. With our years of experience and our well-developed infrastructure, we guarantee an unforgettable Amazon cruise experience tailored to each passenger or group’s needs.

Our team is trained to offer passengers all necessary information. If there are any specific questions about the cruise and tours that need to be addressed, however, passengers are asked and encouraged to raise them before the trip. The following are some important questions regarding the experience that can be considered and answered before embarking on this adventure:

  • Departure date and changes in itinerary.
  • Program terms and conditions: What a program includes, reservation periods and payment.
  • Flights recommended to align with departure and arrival schedules.
  • Whether or not the ground transportation from the airport to the port is included.
  • Whether or not food/drink, activities, and excursions are included.
  • How many people can partake in each activity/excursion.
  • If the ship has speedboats for activities.
  • If there are informative presentations for travelers during the cruise
  • Tipping policy for the crew and staff.
  • If there are safety deposit boxes within the bedrooms.
  • If there are multi-configuration 110/220v electric plugs in the rooms.
  • Additional services offered, like rubber boots, shoe/boot cleaning services, rain ponchos, laundry service, wine and other premium beverages, binoculars, spa, gym, yoga space, pool and/or jacuzzi.
  • If there are trained guides or specialists available to guide the groups with interest in a specific animal or plant species

For more information please communicate with your executive. We at VIPAC have all the necessary information to make your nautical Amazon stay a seamless and memorable one.





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