Come and enjoy Virgin of Candelaria celebrations!


It is celebrated every February and Virgin of Candelaria Feast lasts 18 days. There are religious processions, festive and cultural activities rooted in Catholic tradition and symbolic elements of the Andean worldview.


This festivity honors the crowned patron saint of Puno; it is celebrated every year in February and it lasts 18 days. A festivity that includes religious, cultural and festive activities rooted in Catholic traditions and Andean symbolic elements.

There are many stories told about the apparition of this virgin; people from Puno say that one day the virgin appear before a local, and told him to wash the clothes of baby Jesus and in exchange she would take care of the farm, and when he returned, he found a bust of the virgin with the child in her arms and the clothes still wet.


The festivities begin with the presentation of the Virgin, followed by a folklore parade, masses and civic ceremonies in her honor. The main day, February 2, is known as the Great Dance Competition. People watch dancers perform traditional dances while wearing luminous costumes. The audience will also watch the famous Diablada, one of the most representative dances of this event. In addition, after the procession, all the dancers from different parts of the region are blessed with holy water, when they arrive at the church.


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