Colca canyon and the Andagua volcanoes are officially declared Global Geoparks by UNESCO

The United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) has declared that the Colca Canyon and the Andagua Volcanoes, located between the provinces of Castilla and Caylloma, within the department of Arequipa, are now officially part of the International Network of Global Geoparks.

These are the first recognized global geoparks within Peru and the third in South America to become a part of this prestigious list of the most unique natural spaces on the planet.

UNESCO emphasized that Peru’s geopark landscape is one of the few in the world that contains multiple volcanic cones, and is molded by lava currents and glacial runoff.

The Colca Canyon and Andagua Volcanoes Geopark is located in southern Peru, and houses a fascinating and complex history and geological registry, featuring rocks over 400 years old, exposed boulders, geological structures, geological formations from different environments of origin, and paleography.

In addition, the Geopark boasts a mountain range with episodes of marine and continental accumulation, extensive and complex volcanic activity, seismic activity, igneous intrusions and metamorphosis processes, and marked tectonic phases.

In the last few years, the Colca Canyon Valley has become the number one touristic destination in Arequipa thanks to its gorgeous landscape, stunning volcanoes and mountains, geological faults, pre-Hispanic artifacts, and beautiful Colonial Churches.

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