Lima is the only capital of Latin America located on the coast with the open ocean. The Chorrillos cove is an ancient fishing area with vestiges of the Ichma period, ancient Lima culture. Since then the port maintains its artisanal fishing activity and supplies its own local market. His early-riser town keeps stories and traditions such as the fisherman hero José Olaya, originally from the cove of Chorrillos, known as a secret emissary that used to take messages between the government of Callao and the patriots of Lima swimming, hiding from the realists. It was the link between the ships of the ‘Libertadora’ Squad and the soldiers of the patriotic forces (Argentines, Chileans and Peruvians) located in Lima. He swam from one point to another. Eventually he was captured and tortured and shot in a passage that today bears his name in the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor in Lima, not without saying before: " If I had a thousand lives I would gladly give them for my country"

Fuera del Mapa, thinks outside the box and has innovated with a series of experiences in the Chorrillos cove in honor of Olaya and his neighborhood, including boat rides, experiential visits to the most forgotten neighborhoods of Chorrillos that keep cultures, local traditions , art and views of Lima from and to the sea unseen before. These are tours with surprises that can leave astonished more than one for their authenticity and hidden secrets of this forgotten part of Lima.

The fisherman's Ceviche (El Ceviche del pescador), their emblematic tour, is a project that started life in 2018 by Fuera del Mapa with the participation of the fishermen of Chorrillos, members of the José Silverio Olaya Balandra Association.

It is an activity that explores the microcosm of fishermen with the aim of having a rich lunch, learning about the cultural heritage of this historic cove, tasting local recipes and delighting in the iconic stories that the community of the cove keeps always accompanied by a good Pisco Sour and the joy of the hosts.

Their vision is that artisan fishing has a primordial qualitative role in the value chain of ceviche and that each cove has stories that deserve to be told.

The Experiences:

  1. Ceviche del Pescador (9.00 a 13.30hrs)
  2. FD Chorrillos Espectacular (9.00 a 15.30hrs)
  3. Alto Peru y el Morro Solar (9.30 a 13.00 hrs y 14.00 a 17.30 hrs
  4. Barranco Hipster y Artístico (9.00 a 15.30 hrs)
  5. Paseo Marino Lima desde el Mar (10.00 a 13.00 hrs)
  6. Culinario Chorrillos y sus Mercados (10.00 a 14.00 hrs)
  7. El Sunset de Olaya (15.30 a 19.00hrs)

We want to spread the cultural heritage of the people of the sea and share new sources of sustainable income for their various activities. Starting with Chorrillos, a millenary artisan fishermen’s port located in a strategic position of the great bay of Lima.

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