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Surfing classes in Lima

With our surf lessons you will enjoy the adrenaline, sharing experiences and good times with your mates. We have all kinds of surfboards in different sizes and materials according to student needs. All our...


Tambopata National Reserve

The Amazon in Peru is home to a diversity of life that is unparalleled anywhere on Earth, this unique biodiversity is a paradise for nature lovers. Tambopata National Reserve offers brilliant opportunities for wildlife...


Buggies & Sandboard from Paracas

You will experience something really different full of adventure and adrenalin. You will go out from Paracas till 253 km of Pan-American Highway. Here you will get in our buggies. You will be able...


Vinicunca: 7- Color Mountain

Vinicunca is one of the most spectacular places in Vilcanota mountain range, Cusco; it still has its natural colors due to the presence of stones and mineral sediments eroded by wind and water. They...

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