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Memorable experiences born from true legends

Art Trail Community believes in the collaborative type of work which lead them to found a multidisciplinary project that designs unique urban experiences, based on the proposal of contemporary art production in a joint creation with the inherited and enhanced traditional art techniques and cultural knowledge aimed for the tourism industry.

Their mission is to create memorable experiences for tourists, immersing them in a fun and different way to our cultural expressions that comes from Peruvian history, traditions and legends, with the purpose to give them prominence now days and preserve them from being extinguished.

The different artistic expressions of each city where the experiences are carried out serve as social connectors and contribute directly to the economic, sustainable and social development of the local industry, generating job opportunities, promotion of sustainable micro-economies through art.

Through art and culture, they want to achieve strong bonds between our people and the people who visit us, consequently make Peruvians proud of their different art and cultural expressions to spread them to the world.

In VIPAC we are happy to support this community and support the launch of 9 experiences between workshops, urban incursions and theater performances of between 1 and 4 hours, all of them held in Cusco and currently working on some others for the Capital city Lima. All of them are rich in essence and history because they are guided by recognized local artists at their own places of work, and other professionals specialized en each field from who they have grabbed the inspiration of each experience.

So, if you have some free time to make a trip or if you are planning to visit Cusco and want to do something different, fun and unique, we encourage you to try Art Trail Community Tours with VIPAC. You will be amazed by how much you can learn and enjoy from these urban experiences.



  • Workshop on Colonial Cusquenian Glassed Ceramics.
  • Workshop on Colonial Cusquenian Guild and Acrylic Painting.
  • Workshop on Cusquenian Jewelry.
  • Workshop on Cusquenian Embroidery.

Urban Incursions:

  • Street Photography Cusco.

Theather and Performances:

  • Drama - Theather.
  • Dance.
  • Music.

For more information please contact your executive.


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