Aqua Expeditions: New cruise itineraries for 2017 and 2018

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Aqua Expeditions is launching new itineraries in luxury cruises across the Amazon River with Aria Amazon.

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Now you can go deep into the heart of the jungle and the Amazon River.
The new itineraries offer a wide range of activities: wild life photography, going on a canoe or going swimming in the Amazon River, you can go biking in the middle of the jungle, and maybe enjoy a movie in the lounge with your favorite drink.


Space and night sky lovers will be able to see as many constellations as they want in the south hemisphere using the Sky Guide app in the complementary iPads on board, and use the high technology telescope on the deck of the cruise.

The cruise will also have activities for the most adventurous visitors, who may go on a night boat expedition; they will be able to see, hear and be part of the wild life deep in the Amazon forest.

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All of these are just some of the services and activities that you will find in the new Aqua expedition. It is a cruise full of adventure, culture and luxury; it has a five-star restaurant and high quality service.

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