Alternative Peru was born out of love for traveling and a wish to make a positive change through responsible travel in Peru.

Our Lima tours all focus on authentic intercultural experiences that bring travelers to places beyond the traditional sights and give them a chance to have meaningful encounters with locals. We hope to show a different side of Lima that often is overlooked by the majority of tourists and that way spread the positive impact of responsible travel.

We believe very strongly in the values and positive impact of responsible tourism and that it has great potential to strengthen Peru’s economy in a sustainable way and to replace harmful non-sustainable economic activities that are now driving Peru’s economy but are not decreasing inequality.

How do we make sure our tours are ‘responsible’?

Our strategy to offer responsible tourism in Peru is actually quite simple. From the very beginning, we work closely together with the local people. We consider them as equal partners in the projects and they are involved in all decisions. In addition, our tours respect and promote the host communities’ culture. The tours focus on an authentic experience for tourists and a culturally sensitive, respectful encounter between tourists and hosts.

Our tours benefit the local communities we visit but also different NGOs that are working hard on a variety of issues, such as indigenous rights, empowerment of vulnerable young people, environmental awareness, child rights, etc. The local people, including cooks, guides, cleaners and drivers, are also paid a decent salary. This not only improves their own living conditions but also those of the community. We also offer the visitors the possibility to continue to support the NGO’s projects. A few visitors have entered a scholarship program we are offering, supporting kids and teenagers to continue to go to after school support and later to university.

Our Half-Day tour The other face of Lima aims to introduce visitors to the diversity of Lima, making them aware that Lima cannot be reduced to Miraflores or the historical center. It is a vivid and dynamic city with a very diverse population. The tour takes them to some of the poorest parts of the city but does not focus on poverty or wants to make the visitors feel bad. It instead focuses on optimism and hope and shows the efforts and initiatives to improve the lives of kids, teenagers and adults in these human settlements. The aim of this tour is to offer an authentic intercultural exchange in an urban setting.


Alternative Peru Tour: The Other face of Lima
Duration: 4.5-5 hours
Location: Lima

An authentic and intercultural experience that takes you off the beaten path to one of Lima's human settlements, where we'll have lunch with a local family, visit a social project and learn about daily life in this harsh environment through responsible encounters with locals.

"This was such an excellent off the beaten path Lima tour and none like any other I've been on before. It was truly a moving experience. I learned so much about the resilience, resourcefulness and goodness of people from the families we met on the tour. There was such an incredible sense of community and feeling of hope that you could feel very strongly." D.S.

This half-day Lima tour wants to show travelers a Lima off the beaten path and brings them to sights beyond Miraflores and the historic center that are usually not visited by tourists. On this Lima tour, you’ll see a different side of Lima, where the actual Limeños live and work. You will not only learn interesting historical, political and cultural facts but most importantly, your day will be filled with responsible and meaningful encounters with locals.

The half-day Lima tour includes a visit to the second largest, and very unique, cemetery in the world and to one of Lima’s so-called human settlements. These diverse communities were started by immigrants from all over Peru and while they might be the poorest neighborhoods of Lima, they are filled with hardworking and very warm and welcoming people who are trying not only to improve the lives of their children but also build a better and stronger community. This visit focuses on hope, optimism and positive initiatives.

"This Lima tour focuses on the positive side of community life. We really enjoyed being able to meet and talk to local people, learn their stories and struggle for better life in this harsh environment. It is a safe and very well organised tour. Lunch at senora Ninfa's house was delicious! Thanks for a very interesting day! Lots of memories and food for thought..." G.R.

A local guide will show us around the neighborhood and you’ll also learn more about a local project set up and run by locals. But first you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch at a local family’s house. The local cook/mom also loves to learn more about where you came from and will in return share some stories about herself. The local guide will tell you more about daily life in this harsh environment but at the same time point out some of the efforts carried out to improve the situation. She’ll tell you more about this local organization, its aims and its projects and you’ll meet and talk to some of the families who participate in the projects. On some days, you will even meet the local kids and teenagers while they are participating in the activities of the local NGO.

"I have lots of experience in Lima, Peru and found this organization to have a refreshing, well informed approach. They do an excellent job of exposing people to real life Lima while being encouraging to the locals around them. Rather than just going and gawking...(too often the case), they demonstrate great relationships and care with the locals. You would be wise to choose this group. If you want a glossy tour and the status quo, then there are plenty of other tours to choose from." G.S.


  • Private vehicle transfers (pick-up and drop-off at Miraflores hotels).
  • Local bilingual guides.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Peruvian lunch at a local family’s house (depending on preference).
  • Visit and participation with a local non-profit project to empower or inspire community youth and families.

This tour can be converted into a full day tour adding a visit to the Chorrillos Bay. Start the day with a visit to alternative sights such as an artisanal fish market with a picturesque pier, where we might even go on a short boat ride along the coast on some days, a visit to Lima’s version of the Christ and the Morro Solar with its great views of Lima, before heading to the second largest cemetery in the world, which is very different to any other cemetery you’ve seen before! This morning program is especially popular in Spring and Summer (October – May) because of the weather.

Proceeds and efforts from the Lima tour will contribute to the particular local social project that you participate in.


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