After a S/1.5 million investment, the remodel of the Las Dunas de Ica Airdrome is inaugurated

The newly remodeled Las Dunas Airdrome, located in the city of Ica, was inaugurated this past 27th of June, after a S/1.5 million soles investment. Cesar Cabrera, general manager of the Las Dunas Airdrome, stated that improvements were made in the control tower, the landing strip was repaired, new equipment to record communications was acquired, and reception counters, waiting rooms, and departure areas were remodeled. In addition, a new exhibition room was installed, showcasing found archeological pieces from the Nazca and Paracas cultures; and an auditorium was implemented, in which tourists can watch videos coordinated by the airlines that operate the airdrome. There are further plans to amplify the landing strip so that larger planes with wider wingspans can enter, as well as plans to upgrade the airport’s illumination and technology systems so that it can operate night flights. In July the airdrome will receive its ISO 9001 certification. It is worth noting that the airdrome is operated by: Aerodiana, Movil Air, and an aviation school.

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